Holding © 2005 Stuart J Murphy
Music & Lyrics by Stuart J Murphy / Peter Bunting
Lyrics also by Pete Bunting

Its twenty years and I still love you – more each day
I hope you feel the same about me
It’s been a rollercoaster ride now, for many years
I still believe in you and I

Every time I look in your eyes
I still see nothing there but paradise
My dreams of happiness still shines so bright
Still holding me tight

Still holding me tight

Now I see pain in your eyes, your fading
You suffered far too many years,
God took you from my arms tonight, its so unfair
Your faded away into eternal life.

Now every time I think about your eyes
You’re waiting for me there in paradise
My dreams of happiness, still shines so bright
Still my shining light

I miss you
You’re not there anymore
Every day I have to live
Is a day without you.

The dark becomes bright and I can see your eyes
We’re back together now paradise
Eternity together, love lasts forever

Love lasts forever

Love lasts forever

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