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Light your tampon and blow your box a part “Sound Clip”

My all time favourite clip from “Priscilla Queen of the Desert” Listen here you mullet, why don’t you light your tampon and blow your box a part as thats the only bang you’re going to get, sweetheart…   Press the play button below to hear that clip.  

New Un-Named tune

Press the little play button below…     A quick tune i did in half n hour. Was just messing around and decided to do this.

Over “For Now” Song

This song “Over, for now” has to be the longest time taken in producing a song i’ve ever done.   Over for now    

Piano Composition (Original)

Piano Composition (Original)   [tube]RZ-N43I7auM[/tube]  

How to lay down a vocal track using Logic Pro

as title.   part one   [tube]ABe2BkVGFdc[/tube]   part two   [tube]L3PYDA4KMLE[/tube]

Hallelujah Cover

as title   [tube]2yK3t7E8e1s[/tube]

Musical Affair

an acoustic version of a song i wrote.  

Can you

A song i wrote, sang and played.  


A song i wrote sang and played.  

Sit Alone

A song I wrote, played and sang..