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Test Blog

Testing out the twitter plugin.

Pretty hanging baskets

Garden Before & After.

Since we moved into our house in 2009. The rear garden was a right ole state, over grown and generally unloved. SO after much pea shingle and lots of hard work, we turned it around..   Before.   After.  

O-Ring Seal, seems to be a rarity to get.

Now you would have thought something as simple as a rubber o-ring would be simple to get, NO, you would be wrong. I replaced my thermostat in my Vauxhall Cavalier a few months ago, sadly the temp. sender unit was failing. I wasn’t getting any reading from my dash to the temperature of my engine….

Netley Abbey Ruins

as title says  

Victoria Country Park in Netley Abbey Southampton

a video explaining about Victoria Country Park in Netley Abbey, Southampton.  

Having fun with a fog machine

having a giggle with a fog machine.  

Max Lost n Lonely

Puppy max all lost n lonely  

Ferret’s having fun.

Our ferrets having fun.  

Scooby Having Fun…

Scooby our doggy having fun with the garden’s water sprinkler.