My name is Stuart J Mecham, I am based in Hampshire, UK.

  • I write / compose music as a hobby along with making videos.
  • This is my personal site, ok it’s not brilliant but it gives you everything you need to know about.
  • I have a Gallery where you can view all kinds of pictures.

I suppose my influences have to be; Elton John. Although I do like a vast range of Genré of music. I always tend to write more ballad based songs, something with meaning.

I am all completely self taught musically as well as with the programs I use to create my music. I used a Korg Triton Studio 88 key as my weapon of choice. Logic Pro as my main mixing app. I am also an amateur video maker, I use a Canon XL2 *Similar camera that they used in the film 28 Days later”

If you want to listen to my music you can do so by going to the menu above where there is a flash player with all my music on. Please feel free to listen and let me know your thoughts on them.

You are most welcome to contact me for any reason, site changes and feed back on any of my music etc.

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